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Midland Walkabout Volkssport Club
Odessa, TX

First thing you will notice when doing this event is these
. cute little prairie dogs. They are everywhere.
The event is on a nice wide paved hike and bike trail.
I think this is the bridge where we were supposed to have entered the hike/bike trail. The directions said go to the Northeast corner, and I don't know north from south.
Prairie dogs aren't the only wildlife
you will see when doing a walk here.
The trail has an inner loop that is lush and green compared to the rest of the walk.
Duck pond and fountain.

One of the buildings of the University of Texas of the Permian Basin.
Another prairie dog scolding us for invading his territory.
Another bridge.
This bit of sage was blooming in the dry creek bed.

I would like to thank the Midland Walkabout Volkssport club for hosting this event and letting me get my 94th county.

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